Potosi Hall of Fame


It takes more than rooms and desks to make a school. A school is made up of its teachers and staff. A great school is made up of great employees. To honor its dedicated employees this page lists the employees of Potosi Public Schools who have worked for the school system for 20 years or more. Potosi is a great school system because of these great employees and this is our way of recognizing them for their dedication.

Adrian, Julie 1990--
Alexander, Keith 1976--2012
Alexander, Mary Kay 1978--2012
Bartels, Martha
Bull, Charles 1993--
Chandler, Steve 1986--2015
Curry, Linda 1976--2009
Dalsing, Betsy 1989--2015
Downs, Jerry 1980--
Downs, Terry 1986--2015
Emler, Bernie 1990--
Fiorenza, Frank 1977-1999
Fritz, Pam 1981--2015
Gerhards, Sandy 1975--2010
Heck, George 1962--1989
Horner, Kay 1986--2011
Kading, Ron 1977--2012
Kamps, Lois Jean 1971--1997
Keene, Richard 1978--2010
Kerkenbush, Joe 1977--
Kerkenbush, Tressa 1970--2004
Kubal, Fawncella 1974--
Kueter, Jane 1985--2005
Kuster, Beth 1988--
Lefeber, David 1969--2001
Lefeber, Ruth 1971--2011
Lozeau, Steve 1990--2013
McGinley, Mary 1976-2000
Myers, Maynard
Olson, Gary 1984--2010
Olson, Marcia 1983--2012
Pauls, Jessica 1971--2009
Peake, Don 1963--1997
Reinecke, Evelyn
Reuter, Tammy 1986--
Schaefer, Bernie 1988--2012
Schicker, Richard 1972--2008
Schramm, Doug 1981--2010
Smith, Jean
Steiner, Gail 1984--2012
Thorncroft-Schenkel, Charlotte 1980--
Vogelsberg, Linda 1986--
Walter, Arleen 1988--2010
Ward, Marilyn 1990--2015